service functions

Your Calling tunes settings

After setting up the Calling tune service, youwill have access to Your Calling tunes settings section of this service, in Orange World or by calling 1343.

Your Calling tunes settings allow you to:

  • check the callers with calling tunes settings
    Enter Orange World, Calling tunes, Your Calling tunes settings and you will have access to links with the callers which you set the calling tunes for, the set calling tunes and the time chosen for the settings. The list of settings is also available by calling 1343, tariff 0.037 EUR/minute, and by selecting the corresponding menu.
  • modify the settings for the callers who hear the calling tunes
    Enter Orange World, Calling tunes,Your Calling tunes settings and click the link with the caller name. You will be allowed to replace the calling tunes heard by the caller with different ones from your Personal album, to add calling tunes to the ones already set, which would be played randomly, to delete some of them or to choose the time for the calling tunes to be heard.
    The same options if you select the corresponding menu when calling 1343, tariff 0.037 EUR/minute.
  • set calling tunes to be heard by all your callers and exclude some callers from them, who will hear the standard tone
    In Orange World, Calling tunes, Your Calling tunes settings, click on Choose the callers you want to hear the standard tone instead of the calling tunes set for all callers which will appear automatically when you have set calling tunes for all the people calling you. If you set the standard tone for a certain caller, this settinghas the highest priority for that caller. If you want the caller to hear calling tunes again, you need to delete this setting first.
    You can also set callers with the standard tone if you select the corresponding main menu whencalling 1343, tariff 0.037 EUR/minute.
  • add new settings for callers already set with calling tunes or for new callers
    Click Add a new setting in Orange World > Calling tunes > Your Calling tunes settings, or the corresponding menu when calling 1343, tariff 0.037 EUR/minute and choose who and what calling tunes to hear.
    This option allows you to choose new callers to hear the calling tunes in your Personal album, or to make more setting for the callers to whom you have already set calling tunes (e.g. when you have set a calling tune to be heard by one of your callers every day from 10:00 to 12:00, you can select Add a new setting to choose a newtune for him, to be heard from 18:00 to 20:00).

Tips for frequent users

When you have activated the Calling tunes service, you can start setting calling tunes for the people calling you. You can make settings for certain callers or for all people calling you. When you use the option "All callers", it excludes the callers with individual settings. In this case, it's useful to use the option of setting certain callers to hear the standard tone instead of the tunes set for all callers.
You can make up to 50 settings using the 15 calling tunes that can be stored in your Personal album and you can set up to 15 callers to hear the standard tones instead of the tunes heard by all callers.
When you make more settings for the same caller, you can view all of them in Your Calling tunes settings in Orange World or you can listen to them at 1343, tariff 0.037 EUR/minute, but their priority is the following:

  • the settings for an individual caller have priority versus the settings for all callers
  • the setting containing the standard tone has priority versus all the other settings for that caller (no matter how many setting you have done for that caller, he will hear the standard tone). You need to delete the setting containing the standard tone first so that caller can hear the calling tunes again.
  • the settings fora period of time have priority versus the settings for the whole day or for certain daily periods (during that period the caller will only hear the calling tunes contained by the period setting);
  • the settings for certain daily periods have priority versus the settings for the whole day (thus, one caller may hear some calling tunes the whole day, except for the morning and the evening when you can set different calling tunes for him).

When you choose more calling tunes within one setting, they will be heard randomly by the callers. This setting type is available only in Orange World. When you call 1343, tariff 0.037 EUR/minute, you can set individual callers or all callers with one calling tune, which would replace the previous tunes set for the same period of time. The calling tunes bought by 1343 are set automatically to be heard by all the callers, replacing the previous set tunes.

Personal album

Within Personal album section you can view and delete the calling tunes you have bought. You can buy up to 15 calling tunes which are automatically stored in your album. If you have already bought 15 calling tunes, you would have to delete some of them before buying a new one.
Click on Personal Album in Orange World or select the corresponding menu when calling 1343, tariff 0.037 EUR/minute and:

  • you can view the calling tunesyou have bought
  • you can view the expiry date of each tone – after this date, the calling tunes would be deleted from your Personal album and they will not be heard anymore by your callers
  • you can delete calling tunes. When you delete a calling tune, the settings containing it would be automatically deleted or updated.

Manage callers

Manage callers menu allows you to modify the details of the callers to whom you have set calling tunes.
Click on Manage callers link in Orange World and you can modify the name and the phone number of the people for whom you have set calling tunes. This function is useful if one of you callers has changed the phone number. When you update his number in the Manage callers list, all setting you have made for him would be automatically updated, while you needn't delete and replace his setting with new ones.


The Suspend function allows you to temporarily stop the service, which means people calling you will not hear the calling tunes you set to them anymore. Your calling tunes setting will be kept and you will still be charged with the monthly fee.
You can suspend and restore the service at any moment by selecting the corresponding link in Orange World or the corresponding menu when calling 1343, tariff 0.037 EUR/minute.

Compatible handsets

Unlike ringtones, the Calling tunes service is available for all Orange customers, no matter the handset type. The calling tunes and the information related to the calling tunes setting you have made do not consume the phone memory, as they are stored on an Orange server.