Robo Defense v2.0 Trainer!
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Robo Defense v2.0 Trainer!
*** NEW! Support for Robo Defense V2.0 (HD) - Unlock ALL rewards INSTANTLY! SALE - $1.79 for first 10,000 users! *** This is the most extensive trainer / cheater for the magnificent Robo Defense game. Both for the old versions and for the new HD version Robo Defense 2.0! Control absolutely everything on both the robo free, robo full and robo HD versions: * Reward Points up to 18 digits (999,999,999,999,999,999!!!) * Level of play up to 99,999! * Bullet strength up to 99,999! * Explosives damage up to 99,999! * Rocket speed up to 99,999! * Slowdown tower up to 99,999! * Anti air reload up to 99,999! * Artillery reload up to 99,999! * Flame burn level up to 99,999! * Health reward level up to 99,999! * Starting cash level up to 99,999! * Starting level up to 99,999! * Unlock ALL new Robo Def V2.0 rewards: uranium shells, napalm shells, air sniper, cheap fireworks, slow burn, flea market, scrambler, cannonball, bonus, shockwave, air burst! You can control everything Robo Defense has to offer in both the Robo Defense FULL version, Robo Defence free version and even the new Robo Defense hd free version! This Robo Defence helper won't make the game boring, but actually MUCH more fun! Since you can increase the level of your weapons and at the same time increase the level of the game, making it both challenging and fun! This is something that you can only do using this Robo Defense trainer. The Robo Defense helper will save a copy of your current upgrades so that you can always get back to the old way of playing :) Enjoy! P.S. This robo defense trainer has been tested thoroughly but still, if you find any bug or have any suggestion as to new features, please drop us an email and we would be happy to respond! If you liked this trainer, please be kind and leave us a good rating. Thank you! Keywords: robo strategy tower defense defence trainer cheater helper levels like robo defense like tower guns n glory cheats gunsnglory robodefense robodefence cheat help tactics tactic Robo Version 2 Recent changes: V 2.08 * Support for the new Robo Defense change: Reward points maximum number is now enormous and is completely supported by the trainer (up to 18 digits!!!) V 2.07 * Support for Shockwave and AirBurst! V 2.00 * Support for all unlocks in the new version Content rating: Everyone

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Robo Defense v2.0 Trainer!
Robo Defense v2.0 Trainer!
Robo Defense v2.0 Trainer!

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