Cube Defender
  • Pret: 2,083 EUR (TVA inclus)   Credit PrePay: 1,75 EUR
Cube Defender
Fast-paced twin stick shoot'em up arcade action with responsive dynamic controls. As the Cube Defender, you'll battle against enemy forces in 3D landscape arenas across five different game modes with three difficulty levels. Invasion - Transport ships are trying to colonize the area - repel the invaders. Downpour - Survive as long as possible against a barrage of gunships raining down from orbit. Gauntlet - Fight your way through tightly packed forces to escape as quick as you can. Countdown - Survive long enough to charge the smart-bomb which will destroy all enemies. King Of The Hill - Only score points for kills made from the top of the hill. Scalable graphics quality and effect settings to support slow and fast devices. Supports Xperia Play touch pad controls. Supports bluetooth gamepads / controllers: - Zeemote JS1 controllers - single device and dual device options. - SeelSeries Free dual stick support - General HID devices, single stick or dual stick options To use a gamepad, make sure your controller(s) has been paired with your device already. When starting the game, controllers will automatically be scanned in the background and usable joysticks detected will be connected and set for use - this can take a 10-30 seconds depending on number of controllers initially. To see any controllers that have been detected, open the Options menu, and then select the Gamepad button. Controllers used for movement and firing options will be displayed here. If your controller hasn't automatically been found, a manual scan can be started with the Scan button. If only a single joystick is available, it can be used for movement, and buttons A/1 & B/2 can be used to fire forwards and backwards. Touchscreen controls will still be enabled when using gamepads.

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Cube Defender
Cube Defender
Cube Defender

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